Hey Orthodontic Partners. I keep seeing you referred to as a Top 1% Invisalign provider. What is that and why does it matter? Paula B.

Hi Paula.  Thanks for the question.  The Invisalign company rates their providers based on experience so consumers can choose a doctor they feel would work best for their orthodontic treatment.  Any orthodontist or dentist can easily use Invisalign to treat patients, but the outcome may not be successful if that doctor has limited experience.  Using Invisalign to straighten teeth is much different than using braces and wires due to the obvious material difference (plastic vs. metal) and the fact that the case is completely designed up front rather than on the fly, as with braces, where adjustments and corrections are made monthly.  It takes a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge using the Invisalign software to understand how to move teeth successfully in the mouth, as well as expertise in monitoring and guiding patients through the process.  Fortunately, we have that experience, knowledge, and expertise having treated almost 1000 cases over the past five years along with hours and hours of continuing education and training.  As such, we were awarded the Top 1% designation by Invisalign, which means we are among the best of the best (Top 1% in America) , our treatment finishes will be successful, and highlights our ability to treat a wide variety of  case types in both teens and adults.  This means you should feel confident in letting us help achieve your best smile possible using Invisalign.  Who wouldn’t want the best of the best working on their smile?