Parent Appreciation Program

Mom and Dad, it’s your turn! Let us treat you to the smile you’ve always wanted.

As an appreciation for entrusting us with your child’s care, and to help you attain the healthy bite and perfect smile you deserve, we offer a special parent program for any of our wonderful parents.  Receive up to $1,000 off on treatment and payment options as low as $100 per month added to your current child’s payment plan. This includes getting set up with Invisalign clear treatment for only $500 down! Thank you for allowing us to take care of your family.

Why Straighten your Teeth as an Adult?

Minimize Tooth Wear and Replacements- The most common concern with mis-aligned teeth and bite is the abnormal wear that occurs on the teeth themselves.  Wearing of enamel, fractures, and premature loosening are all consequences of improper bite relationships and are completely preventable with orthodontic treatment.  Avoid costly and unnecessary future dental treatment by taking care of your teeth now before it’s too late.

Easier Cleanings – The chances of having plaque retention, tooth decay and periodontal disease can be reduced with properly positioned teeth.

Less Stress – Properly aligned teeth are less stressful on the supporting bone (including the Jaw Joint, TMJ) and provide better function.

Stunning Smile – Enjoy smiling more and having more confidence at any age by having a perfectly aligned set up teeth.  A smile is always the first thing people notice.  Make it a great first impression!

Ease of Treatment – Current technology allows you to achieve a straight smile and healthy bite without anyone even noticing!  Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without anyone even noticing, allows you to eat and drink whatever you enjoy, and makes brushing and flossing as easy as it is currently.  iTero 3d scanning eliminates the need for the old, messy impressions.  Now you have no excuses to get started!

Please call us or ask at your child’s next appointment how we can help you achieve the smile you deserve.